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Elevated Dog Beds:Why Should you Choose?

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    Elevated dog beds offer significant protection for your dog’s joints that regular beds don’t. The discomfort of resting on a hard surface impacts their elbows, shoulders, and hips.

    Additionally, with an elevated bed, your canine companion can comfortably enjoy the outdoors, free from concerns about damp patios, soggy grass, or mud. Let’s explore more reasons why purchasing an elevated dog bed is a beneficial choice for your pet.


    Outdoor utility

    Elevated dog beds excel in outdoor settings by keeping your dog above mud, puddles, and damp grass.

    a dog lie on the damp grass

    If you frequently enjoy outdoor activities with your dog and wish to avoid them lounging in wet areas, an elevated dog bed is an ideal solution.

    While it may seem like a straightforward fix, the impact it has on your dog’s comfort and cleanliness is substantial.


    Cooling comfort in summer

    An elevated dog bed maintains a pleasant temperature for your pet by lifting them off the ground. This elevation is particularly beneficial in the summer, as it helps keep your dog cooler. If your home has heat-trapping soft surfaces like carpets, the raised bed is an excellent option.

    Moreover, in hot climates, placing the elevated bed over naturally cool surfaces, such as concrete or tile, further enhances your dog’s comfort by providing a refreshing resting spot.


    Ease of transport & training benefits

    Traditional fluffy beds can be cumbersome and heavy, making it a hassle to move them around. However, with the SkyRest Elevated Pet Bed, mobility is no longer an issue. This bed is lightweight and easy to transport. It’s also compact, not occupying much space in your car, allowing your dog to rest in a familiar environment during travels or boarding.

    lit surélevé pour chien

    For training purposes, elevated dog beds are highly beneficial. By keeping your dog off the ground, these beds reduce the likelihood of accidents, a crucial factor during potty training. Additionally, if you’re crate training, the elevated bed offers comfort for your dog as he adapts to staying in his crate.


    Support for aging dogs

    Older dogs often struggle with mobility, finding it difficult to lie down or stand up, and larger breeds are particularly prone to conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia.

    An elevated bed offers a solution by reducing the distance they need to move to lie down or stand up, thus easing the strain on their joints.

    dog lie down

    The additional height provided by a raised bed makes it easier for your senior dog to get up and down, offering them much-needed comfort and support.


    Simplified maintenance & enhanced comfort

    Elevated beds differ from conventional pet beds in their construction materials, often not using traditional cotton, which simplifies cleaning. Many of these beds use fabric similar to outdoor couch cushions, allowing for easy washing with a hose and air drying in the sun.

    Additionally, a raised dog bed promotes a sense of calm and relaxation for your pet. Being off the ground provides a sense of security and safety, particularly beneficial for dogs who are anxious or stressed. This feature is also ideal for dogs that are sensitive to special sounds.


    Durability and strength

    Elevated dog beds are not only comfortable but also exceptionally durable and capable of supporting weight, which is vital for families with larger breeds or active dogs. The materials used for the bed frames, such as robust metals or sturdy plastics, are specifically chosen for their strength and durability.

    This ensures that the bed can withstand the weight and activity of your dog without compromising its structure or safety. The thoughtful design of these beds caters to the needs of all dog sizes, providing a reliable and long-lasting sleeping solution.


    Insect and mold resistance

    One of the added benefits of elevated dog beds is their resistance to insects and mold. Since these beds often utilize fabrics similar to those used in outdoor furniture, they inherently possess qualities that repel pests and prevent mold growth.

    This feature is particularly advantageous for pet owners looking to minimize the risk of flea infestations or other insect bites, as well as mold accumulation. It ensures a healthier and more hygienic resting environment for your pet, particularly in areas prone to humidity and pests.


    Style and aesthetics

    Elevated dog beds are designed not only for functionality but also to complement your home decor.

    Many of these beds boast modern and stylish designs that can seamlessly integrate into your interior decorations. The aesthetic appeal of these beds means they don’t have to be hidden away, but can instead be a part of your living space, adding to the overall ambiance.

    Whether you prefer a minimalist look or something more vibrant, there’s an elevated dog bed to suit your style preferences, ensuring that your pet’s resting area is both practical and visually appealing.


    Final words

    In summary, the benefits of elevated dog beds span far beyond simple comfort. From their joint-protecting height to their adaptability in various environments, these beds provide a comprehensive solution for your dog’s rest and relaxation needs.

    Whether it’s for outdoor adventures, summer cooling, ease of transport, or supporting senior dogs, elevated dog beds cater to a wide range of requirements.

    Add to that their durability, resistance to pests and mold, and stylish design, and it’s clear that an elevated dog bed is more than just a sleeping spot—it’s a thoughtful investment in your dog’s health, happiness, and overall well-being.



    FAQ: Can elevated dog beds be used for all dog breeds and sizes?

    Absolutely! Elevated dog beds come in various sizes to accommodate different breeds, ensuring a comfortable fit for small, medium, and large dogs. The key is to choose a size that allows your dog to stretch out comfortably.

    FAQ: How do elevated beds affect a dog’s sleeping pattern?

    Elevated beds can enhance a dog’s sleep quality. By providing a comfortable and supportive surface, these beds help in reducing tossing and turning, leading to a more restful and uninterrupted sleep pattern for your dog.

    FAQ: Are elevated dog beds suitable for indoor use?

    Yes, elevated dog beds are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Their stylish designs make them a great addition to your home decor, and they’re particularly useful in keeping your pet cool in warmer indoor environments.

    FAQ: How long do elevated dog beds typically last?

    The lifespan of an elevated dog bed depends on the quality of materials and construction. Generally, they are built to last and withstand regular use, with many models designed for durability and long-term wear.

    FAQ: Is assembly required for elevated dog beds, and is it complicated?

    Some assembly may be required, but most elevated dog beds are designed for easy setup, often without needing any special tools. Instructions are typically straightforward, making the assembly process simple and quick.



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