Les 10 principaux avantages d'un lit surélevé pour votre ami à fourrure

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    Getting an elevated dog bed for your furry friend is one of the best investments you can make for their health and comfort. An elevated dog bed has many advantages over a regular dog bed placed on the floor.

    Here are the top 10 benefits of getting an elevated dog bed for your dog.


    1. Promotes better airflow and breathability

    One of the major benefits of an lit surélevé pour chien is that it allows for better airflow around your dog’s body. Traditional dog beds placed on the floor can trap heat and moisture, making your dog feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

    The open design and elevation of an elevated dog bed promote better airflow and breathability. The air can circulate freely around your dog’s body, keeping them cool and comfortable. This is especially important during the warm summer months when dogs are prone to overheating.


    2. Keep your dog cooler

    In addition to better airflow, an elevated dog bed helps keep your dog cooler during warm weather. With traditional floor beds, your dog’s body heat gets trapped between their body and the bed. This causes them to feel hotter.

    With an elevated bed, your dog’s body heat dissipates into the air instead of being trapped in the bed. The increased air circulation allows for superior cooling effects. Your dog will feel much more comfortable lounging on an elevated bed on a hot summer day.

    2.1 Reduced risk of overheating

    The cooling benefits of an elevated dog bed can also reduce your dog’s risk of overheating and heat stroke. Dogs are especially vulnerable to overheating because they don’t sweat like humans. An elevated bed can help prevent the dangerous rise in body temperature that leads to overheating.

    2.2 Better for dogs with thick fur coats

    The cooling perks of an elevated dog bed make it ideal for dogs with thick fur coats like Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and Chow Chows. These breeds are prone to getting overheated. An elevated bed helps them stay relaxed and comfortable instead of getting hot, irritated, and distressed.


    3. Reduces pressure on joints

    Elevated dog beds are better for your dog’s joints since they don’t place pressure on areas like the elbows and hips. Traditional beds require dogs to step up and down to get on and off the bed. The impact of stepping up/down can cause sore joints.

    With an elevated bed, your dog just has to walk onto the open, raised platform. This reduces the impact on the joints and minimizes any pain or discomfort. The relief will be noticeable, especially for senior dogs or dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other joint issues.

    3.1 Easier for senior dogs to get on/off

    The zero-impact access to an elevated dog bed makes it ideal for senior dogs. Stepping up/down from regular floor beds can be painful and difficult for aging dogs. An elevated bed allows them to simply walk on and off, reducing joint pain.

    3.2 Better support for orthopedic issues

    The lack of pressure on joints also provides better support for dogs with orthopedic issues like hip and elbow dysplasia. An elevated bed helps take strain off affected joints, allowing for healthy rest.


    4. Promotes better posture alignment

    Traditional dog beds are flat and only provide even support across your dog’s body. In contrast, an elevated dog bed places your dog’s back above their legs. This slight incline aligns their spine and neck in a sloped position that follows their natural posture.

    This ergonomic design helps your dog rest in a posture that alleviates back, neck, and muscle pain. Their spine and muscles get the alignment support they need without flattening out their back or neck. Just like an inclined pillow can improve human posture while sleeping, an elevated dog bed does the same for your furry friend.

    4.1 Alleviates back pain

    The posture alignment perks of an elevated dog bed make it great for relieving back pain. Dogs with strained, sore backs will get the elevated support they need to rest their back muscles and recover.

    4.2 Reduces neck stiffness

    The inclined ergonomic design also reduces neck stiffness and discomfort. With their head gently elevated above their torso, your dog can relax their neck without placing strain.


    5. Stays cleaner than floor beds

    Elevated dog beds stay cleaner since they don’t sit directly on the floor where dirt collects. Floor beds get dirty easily from dust and debris around the house. All that dirt transfers to your dog’s coat too when they lounge on a floor bed.

    With an elevated bed, air can circulate under and around the bed to prevent dust buildup. Any fur, dirt, or drool will fall through the bed’s platform instead of accumulating on the fabric. Your dog stays cleaner as a result.

    5.1 Less exposure to allergens

    The reduced dirt buildup also decreases your dog’s exposure to allergens like dust mites, mold, and pollen. Dogs prone to allergies will benefit from the cleaner nature of an elevated bed.

    5.2 Odors and bacteria don’t linger

    The open and breathable design prevents odors, bacteria, and mildew from getting trapped in an elevated dog bed. Moisture dissipates faster before it leads to bad smells.


    6. Provides a secure nesting spot

    The enclosed feel of an elevated dog bed satisfies your dog’s natural nesting instinct. The bed’s sides give them a cozy, sheltered spot that feels like a den. This can reduce anxiety and provide a sense of security.

    Dogs feel most relaxed when they have a safe cocoon-like spot to call their own. An elevated bed with sides gives them the enclosed nesting spot they crave. This is especially beneficial for anxious, shy, or timid dogs.

    6.1 Reduces separation anxiety

    The nesting benefits of an elevated dog bed make it great for dogs with separation anxiety. The enclosed space offers them a comfortable retreat when home alone instead of leaving them exposed. This can help ease their anxiety and fear.

    6.2 Provides a safe space

    The security and privacy of an elevated dog bed also make it the perfect safe space for dogs. They have their own little nook to retreat to when scared, anxious, or stressed. Just like a den, it becomes a place of comfort.


    7. Stays drier than floor beds

    Since elevated dog beds don’t sit directly on the floor, they stay drier than traditional beds. Moisture on the floor can seep into floor beds, making them damp. Elevated beds don’t absorb ground-level moisture and humidity.

    Your dog stays dryer when lounging on an elevated bed. Dampness in a regular floor bed can also promote mold, bacteria, and odors that won’t affect an elevated bed as much.

    7.1 Better for damp areas

    The drier nature of elevated beds makes them ideal for damp areas like basements or bathrooms. They provide cozy spots for your dog to relax without soaking up moisture problems found on the floor.

    7.2 Reduces dampness-related skin issues

    The drier environment of an elevated dog bed can also minimize skin issues related to dampness. Bacterial and fungal infections thrive in damp beds. An elevated bed helps avoid this problem.


    8. Easier to clean and maintain

    Elevated dog beds have an open and accessible design that makes cleaning and maintenance much easier compared to floor beds. You can easily sweep or vacuum under an elevated bed to clear away fur, dirt, and dander.

    The fabric bed portion also detaches on most elevated beds for easy washing. Floor beds are bulky and difficult to move for cleaning. An elevated bed’s lightweight portability simplifies washing.

    8.1 Takes up less storage space

    When cleaning time comes, elevated dog beds also take up less storage space. Their ability to collapse small things makes storage convenient. You can even fold away elevated beds when not in use to clear floor space.

    8.2 Platform design doesn’t hold odors

    Unlike cushioned pads that absorb smells over time, an elevated bed’s flat, hard platform won’t hold odors. This also makes odor control easier with just simple soap and water.


    9. More stylish and décor friendly

    Elevated dog beds come in many stylish designs with decorative fabrics and frames. Their visually appealing look blends in with home décor better than typical dog beds. The elevation also helps the bed feel like functional furniture instead of an eyesore.

    You can coordinate your dog’s bed with the aesthetics of your living room, bedroom, or lounge space. For fashion-focused pet owners, an elevated dog bed offers furniture-like appeal other dog beds lack.

    9.1 Wider variety of design options

    From wood frames to upholstered cushioning, elevated dog beds provide more diverse décor-friendly designs to choose from. You can select a bed that matches your interior style and furniture.

    9.2 Looks more like human furniture

    The couches, loungers, and daybeds of the dog bed world, elevated beds have a human furniture aesthetic. This helps them conveniently blend in rather than looking out of place.


    10. Keep your dog off furniture

    Elevated dog beds provide cozy, comfortable furniture that your dog won’t resist. This satisfies their desire to lounge on cushy surfaces like couches or beds. An elevated dog bed gives them their own designated spot to fulfill this furniture-lounging instinct.

    As a result, an elevated dog bed can help keep your dog off the furniture intended for human use only. Redirecting them to their own bed prevents disruptive, unwanted furniture hopping.

    10.1 Minimizes shedding and odors on human furniture

    When your dog claims your couch or bed, it leads to issues with shedding, odors, and dirt on human furniture. An elevated bed minimizes this furniture disruption by enticing your dog to a designated spot instead.

    10.2 Reduces dominance behavior issues

    Letting dogs lounge on human furniture can also lead to dominance issues. Providing an elevated dog bed reduces this temptation to misbehave on off-limit furniture.



    Adding an elevated dog bed provides immense comfort and health benefits for your furry best friend. The cooling, orthopedic support, cleanliness, and furniture perks make elevated beds the ultimate resting spot your dog will love.

    Providing the ideal blend of coziness and ergonomic design, an elevated dog bed is a must-have upgrade for your pampered pooch.



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