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Unraveling the Suitability of Dog Elevated Bed: Large vs Small Breeds

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    The moment you think of a dog elevated bed, the question arises: is it more suitable for a Great Dane or a Chihuahua?

    This blog aims to dissect the suitability of elevated beds for both large and small dog breeds, ensuring your pooch gets the perfect throne.


    Understanding the basics of dog elevated beds

    Before jumping into the specifics, let’s get a grasp of what a dog elevated bed entails. Its universal features set the stage for a deeper understanding of how it caters to different dog sizes.

    a dog is sitting on the bed

    What are dog elevated beds?

    A dog elevated bed is essentially a bed that is raised off the ground, typically featuring a frame made of materials like metal or plastic and a fabric bed surface.

    The elevation provides airflow beneath the bed, which is crucial for temperature regulation and cleanliness. This design is not just a fashionable choice; it’s a practical solution for many pet-related concerns.

    Elevated beds reduce the risk of your pet being bothered by floor-level pests and dust, which can be particularly beneficial for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. The raised design also makes these beds easier for owners to clean around, promoting a tidier living space. The variety of designs and materials available means there’s likely an elevated bed to suit every dog’s preferences and every owner’s style.

    Additionally, the raised design offers psychological benefits for some dogs, giving them a sense of security and a better vantage point to observe their surroundings, which can be comforting, especially for more anxious or territorial breeds.

    General characteristics of elevated beds

    The key characteristics of dog elevated beds include their improved ventilation, which helps keep your dog cool, and the ease of cleaning, as they are often designed with washable and breathable fabrics. The elevation also offers a certain degree of protection from floor-level pests and cold drafts.

    However, their suitability varies depending on the size and needs of different dog breeds. These beds are often more durable than traditional dog beds, designed to withstand frequent use and last longer. The elevation can also give dogs a better view of their surroundings, which can be comforting for some, but possibly intimidating for others, depending on their temperament.

    Additionally, elevated beds can be beneficial in homes with multiple pets, as they help create defined personal spaces for each animal, reducing territorial disputes and providing each pet with their own safe and comfortable spot.


    The compatibility of elevated beds with large dogs

    When it comes to larger breeds, the considerations for a dog elevated bed differ significantly from those of smaller dogs. Let’s explore how these beds serve the needs of your larger furry friends.

    dog elevated bed

    Advantages for large dogs

    For large dogs, a dog elevated bed provides essential support and stability. The robust frame and fabric can comfortably hold their weight, offering relief to their joints and bones.

    Additionally, the elevation helps in temperature regulation, a crucial factor for larger breeds that tend to overheat easily. The raised design can also prevent the development of calluses and sores that larger dogs may develop from lying on hard floors. These beds can alleviate the pressure on their hips and elbows, which is particularly beneficial for breeds prone to joint issues like hip dysplasia.

    Moreover, height can be a deterrent to bugs and pests, providing a cleaner sleeping area. The elevated position also allows for better observation and can be reassuring for dogs that like to keep an eye on their environment.

    The beds’ sturdy construction typically ensures they can withstand the heavier weight and greater force exerted by larger breeds, making them a durable option.

    Challenges for large dogs

    However, these beds can present challenges for large dogs, particularly older ones with mobility issues. The height of the bed may make it difficult for them to climb in and out.

    Also, finding a bed with the appropriate size and strength to accommodate larger breeds can be a challenge in itself, as the market may offer limited options. Some large dogs may also feel less secure on an elevated surface, especially if they are used to sleeping on a traditional bed or directly on the floor.

    Additionally, while the fabric is durable, it may not be as plush or soft as some large dogs prefer, requiring additional bedding or padding for comfort.

    For some large breeds, particularly those with a more cautious or anxious disposition, the initial adjustment to an elevated bed might take some time and encouragement, as the new height and perspective can be unfamiliar and intimidating.


    Evaluating elevated beds for small dogs

    Small dog breeds have different requirements and preferences. Let’s assess how dog elevated beds align with the needs of these pint-sized pooches.

    a small dog is sitting on the elevated bed

    Benefits for small dogs

    Small dogs benefit from the warmth and security offered by dog elevated beds. The elevation keeps them away from cold floors and reduces disturbances from floor-level activity. Their adaptability to new environments makes them more likely to embrace the elevated style of these beds.

    The raised height can also provide a sense of security, as it allows them to survey their surroundings from a safe vantage point. These beds can protect smaller dogs from drafts and colds, which is particularly beneficial during colder months.

    Additionally, the elevated beds can prevent small dogs from feeling overwhelmed or threatened by foot traffic or larger pets in the house.

    The elevation can also be a boon for small breeds that enjoy a better view of their environment, satisfying their curiosity and keeping them engaged with their surroundings.

    The typically lightweight design of these beds makes them easy to move around, allowing pet owners to place the bed in various locations, depending on where the dog feels most comfortable.

    Drawbacks for small dogs

    Despite these benefits, small dogs may find dog elevated beds intimidating due to their height. They may also crave cozier, more enclosed spaces, which these beds might not always provide, leading to potential reluctance to use them. The jump down from the bed can be a concern for small breeds with joint issues or those prone to injuries.

    Additionally, the openness of these beds might not provide the den-like atmosphere that some small breeds prefer for their sleeping environment.

    Some small dogs may also feel exposed or vulnerable on an elevated bed, especially in a busy household or where there are larger pets.

    It’s essential for pet owners to observe their small dog’s behavior and comfort level with the bed, and consider adding steps or a ramp if the dog seems hesitant or unable to comfortably access the bed.


    Selecting the right elevated bed for your dog

    Choosing the right dog elevated bed involves considering various factors about your pet. Let’s delve into what you should keep in mind when selecting the ideal bed for your furry friend.

    Considerations based on dog’s age and health

    When selecting an elevated bed, consider your dog’s age and health. Older dogs, or those with joint issues, might benefit from beds with lower heights and more cushioning, regardless of their size. The bed’s material should also cater to any specific health needs your dog may have.

    For instance, orthopedic foam might be necessary for dogs with arthritis. Additionally, the ease of access is crucial for older dogs; a bed that is too high can be challenging for them to climb onto.

    The fabric should be gentle on their skin and easy to clean, as older dogs might have incontinence issues or shed more fur. It’s also essential to consider the bed’s stability and how securely it stays in place, as older dogs might be unsteady on their feet and need a bed that won’t shift or wobble as they get on and off.

    The role of dog’s size and breed characteristics

    Your dog’s size and breed characteristics play a vital role in bed selection. Larger breeds need beds with robust construction, while smaller breeds might prefer beds that offer a sense of security and comfort.

    Additionally, consider your personal preferences and home environment in your decision. The bed should fit well in your living space and be in harmony with your lifestyle.

    If you travel often, a lightweight and portable bed might be ideal. On the other hand, if your dog spends most of its time at home, a more durable and permanent solution might be better.

    Factor in the bed’s design and how it complements your home decor. Many elevated beds come in a range of styles and colors, so you can choose one that not only suits your dog’s needs but also blends seamlessly with your interior.

    Also, think about the bed’s placement in your home; it should be in a quiet, low-traffic area where your dog feels safe and comfortable.



    In the grand scheme of things, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a dog elevated bed. Whether you own a gentle giant or a tiny furball, the key lies in understanding your dog’s unique needs and comfort.

    By considering these aspects, you can ensure that your choice not only complements your living space but also provides your beloved pet with a comfortable and suitable resting place.



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