Decor Tips for Your Dog Elevated Bed

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    When it comes to a dog elevated bed, it’s not just about function; it’s about fashion too! This comfy perch isn’t just a place for your furry friend to catch some z’s, it’s also a potential style statement in your home.

    In this blog, we’ll explore creative and practical ways to decorate your dog’s elevated bed, ensuring it’s a cozy retreat for your pet and a charming addition to your home decor.


    Finding the perfect spot for the elevated bed

    Location is everything, and this rings true even for your dog’s bed. The right spot balances your pet’s needs with the aesthetics of your space, making the dog elevated bed a seamless part of your home.

    Balancing interior layout and space utilization

    When it comes to placing your dog elevated bed, consider not just your pet’s preferences but also the layout of your home. It should be in a quiet corner away from high traffic areas, yet not so isolated that your dog feels separated from the family.

    Ideally, place it where your dog can see you and feel part of the household activities. This strategic placement enhances the bed’s functionality while ensuring it blends well with your home’s design. Think about the sun’s path as well; a spot with morning sun might be ideal for your pet to bask in.

    dog sit on the bed

    However, avoid placing it near too much direct sunlight, as this could overheat your pet or fade the bed materials. Also, consider the height of the bed in relation to windows or other furniture to ensure it’s in a safe and convenient location.

    Ensuring accessibility and comfort for your pet and family

    Accessibility is key for both your pet and family members. The dog elevated bed should be easy for your pet to climb into, especially for older dogs or those with mobility issues. For family members, it should not obstruct the flow of the house or become a tripping hazard.

    This careful consideration of placement ensures harmony between your pet’s comfort and the practicality of your home’s layout. Moreover, think about the bed’s height relative to your dog’s size. A smaller or older dog might need a lower bed for easy access, while a larger dog can handle a bit more elevation.

    Also, consider the room’s temperature and airflow. A spot away from drafts or excessive heat ensures your pet’s comfort throughout the year. It’s about finding a balance that respects your home’s aesthetics while prioritizing your dog’s well-being and comfort.


    Selecting and adjusting bed frame materials and colors

    The frame of your dog elevated bed is its foundation, both structurally and stylistically. Choose materials and colors that reflect your home’s decor and withstand the test of time and paws.

    Exploring materials – wood, metal, and more

    The choice of material for your dog elevated bed can significantly influence its look and durability. Wood offers a classic and warm feel, easily customizable with paint or stains to match your decor. Metal frames provide a sleek, modern look and are often more durable, though they may require padding for extra comfort.

    Each material brings its own aesthetic and functional benefits, so consider your pet’s needs and your home’s style when making your selection.

    dog elevated bed

    For a rustic or farmhouse style, a wooden bed can be stained or painted to match your furniture. If you prefer a contemporary look, a metal frame with a minimalist design can be a chic addition.

    For a more eclectic style, consider upcycling materials like pallet wood or repurposing old furniture pieces to create a unique and environmentally friendly bed frame. Whichever material you choose, ensure it is robust and able to support your dog’s weight comfortably.

    Color coordination with home decor

    The color of your dog elevated bed should complement the existing palette of your home. Neutral colors like beige, gray, or white are versatile and blend easily with most decors. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose a color that contrasts yet complements your room’s color scheme, adding a pop of interest.

    Remember, the bed is not just for your dog but also a piece of furniture in your home, so its appearance matters. If your room has a monochromatic scheme, a bed in a similar shade can create a harmonious look. For a more vibrant room, choose a bed color that stands out yet coordinates with other elements in the room.

    If you’re into DIY projects, consider custom-painting the bed frame to match or accent your room’s color scheme. This approach allows for a high level of customization and can be a fun weekend project. Also, think about the longevity of the color; darker colors may hide dirt and hair better, which can be a practical consideration for pet furniture.


    Choosing mattresses and beddings for the elevated bed

    The mattress and bedding of your dog elevated bed are where comfort meets style. Select materials that promise durability and coziness, and are easy to clean and maintain.

    Selecting comfortable and durable mattresses

    The mattress of your dog elevated bed should provide comfort and support for your pet. Memory foam is a great option for older dogs or those with joint issues, as it molds to the body and relieves pressure points.

    For durability, look for high-density foam or reinforced fabrics that can withstand scratching and frequent use. The mattress should be thick enough to cushion your dog yet firm enough to support their weight.

    Consider also the cover of the mattress; a removable, washable cover is essential for hygiene and ease of care. You might also want to look for waterproof or water-resistant covers, especially if your pet is prone to accidents or enjoys outdoor activities.

    In terms of style, the mattress cover offers another opportunity to coordinate with your room’s decor. Whether you go for a patterned design, a vibrant color, or a more understated look, it should be something that you and your pet will love.

    Opting for washable and stylish beddings

    Bedding for your dog elevated bed should be easy to clean and align with your style preferences. Removable, machine-washable covers are a must for easy maintenance. Choose fabrics and patterns that reflect your personal taste and match your home decor.

    From sleek, modern designs to cozy, plush fabrics, the bedding can be a statement piece that adds to the overall look of the bed and room.

    Consider the fabric’s texture and durability as well; soft, comfortable fabrics like fleece or cotton are great for your pet’s comfort, but they should also be able to withstand frequent washing.

    For a more luxurious look, you might opt for high-quality fabrics like velvet or faux fur, which can add a touch of elegance to your pet’s bed.

    The bedding is not just for comfort; it’s an extension of your room’s decor, so have fun with it! Seasonal changes in bedding can also keep things fresh and exciting – lighter fabrics for summer and warmer ones for winter.


    Adding personal touches to the elevated bed

    Personalizing your dog elevated bed can make it a unique and special spot for your pet. Incorporate elements that reflect your dog’s personality and your aesthetic taste.

    Incorporating decorative pillows and toys

    Decorative pillows and toys can add a fun and cozy touch to your dog elevated bed. Pillows in various shapes and sizes not only provide extra comfort but also add a decorative element. Choose toys that your dog loves and that add color or texture to the bed.


    These personal touches make the bed more inviting for your pet and visually appealing in your home. Pillows can be in fun shapes like bones or hearts, or you could choose ones that complement the room’s color scheme. They not only serve as a comfy headrest for your pet but also as a chic accessory for the bed.

    For toys, consider durability and safety – choose toys that are free from small, detachable parts and are made of safe, chew-resistant materials. Rotating the toys regularly can keep your pet engaged and make the bed look different from time to time.

    Customizing with pet’s name or designs

    Personalizing the dog elevated bed with your pet’s name or favorite designs can make it truly theirs. Consider adding a nameplate or embroidering their name on the bedding.

    You can also opt for custom-printed fabrics with designs that reflect your pet’s personality or match your home’s theme. This level of customization adds a special and heartwarming element to the bed.

    For example, if your dog has a playful personality, you could choose a bright, whimsical design. If your pet is more laid back, perhaps a simple, elegant script of their name would be more fitting.

    There are also options for removable decals or iron-on patches that allow you to change the design as you please. These personal touches don’t just make the bed more visually appealing; they also reinforce the sense of belonging and comfort for your pet, making their bed a true haven.



    In conclusion, decorating a dog elevated bed is not just about creating a comfortable sleeping area for your pet; it’s about integrating this piece of pet furniture into your home in a way that complements your style and enhances your dog’s quality of life.

    From choosing the right materials and colors to adding personal touches, each element contributes to making the elevated bed a beloved and functional part of your home. Remember, a well-decorated dog bed reflects your love and care for your pet while adding charm and character to your living space.



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